Registration is now open for the Association for Medical Humanities Conference 2020, held at the University of Limerick, 17-19 June.

Register here by clicking on the orange ‘Start your Registration’ button. This is found at the top right hand side of the landing page.

You can also book accommodation and excursions from this website. Download the latest version of the conference schedule here.

Information on rates and registration is provided below.


The rates for the conference are provided below. Note that there are reduced rates for AMH members and for students . You can sign up for AMH membership here.

To avail of student rates you will be required to provided verification that you are a student.

Early bird rates (to 30 April 2020)

  • Early bird AMH member 3-day package €250.00*
  • Early bird non-member 3-day package €350.00*
  • Early bird AMH student member 3-day package €175.00*
  • Early bird standard 1-day rate €120**
  • Early bird student 1-day rate €80**

Standard rates (from 1 May 2020)

  • Standard AMH member 3-day package €350*
  • Standard AMH non-member 3-day package €450*
  • Standard AMH student 3-day package €200*
  • Standard 1-day rate €140**
  • Standard student 1-day rate €100**

* These rates include entry to sessions, breaks, lunches and welcome reception.

**These rates do not include any evening or social events.


Payment is by debit / credit card. As well as registering for the main conference, the form also allows you to book accommodation and excursions.

Information you will be asked for during the registration process

  • Name, address, phone number and email
  • Verification of student status if you are applying for a student rate
  • Whether you would like to attend the gala dinner on 18 June 2020
  • Whether you would like to book any accommodation for your stay and, if so, for how many nights
  • Which of the excursions you would like to book
  • ​​Any specific dietary requirements
  • Any specific accessibility requirements
  • Visa or Mastercard details

Booking Confirmation

Booking confirmation will be sent by email.